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Lindsay Lohan says she wants to make a comeback in industry with sequel of Mean Girls

Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress, singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in New York. Lohan’s childhood work won her the status of being very famous and a talented personality while the sleeper hit Mean Girls of the year 2004 affirmed her status as a teen idol. Then within few years Lohan became the subject of intense media coverage due to her personal struggle and legal troubles. In this period one can see that she lost many roles and this impacted negatively and significantly her career as well as public image. In 2010’s she appeared in the few films. Lohan then appeared on a series of television shows.

Lohan gained her popularity and importance within the music industry unde Casablanca Records, releasing two studio albums, the platinum-certifies Speak (2004) and Gold certified a touch More Personal (Raw) (2005).

Lindsay Lohan a popular artiste expressed her will of coming back to the industry. Actor-singer Lindsay Lohan said she wants to start doing films again. The actress appeared on Lights Out with David Spadeon Tuesday in which she expressed her dream for a Mean Girl sequel seems to be a perfect come back for her. With the high school 2004 comedy Lohan initially a popular child broke out. The writer of the comedy is Tina Fey and the director Mark Waters “I should probably get back to doing movies at some point”. “I think I was hanging on to (‘Mean Girls’) for you really long time”. “I wanted to return back with a ‘Mean Girls 2’”.

“To work with Tina, and therefore the whole crew again, and Mark Waters. That was really what I wanted i used to be excited to try to to that”, said by the actor.
“But that’s beat their hands really in order that would definitely be an exciting thing”, she added.

There is no confirmed planning done yet for a follow up film to hit, but next she is working on her upcoming project. Lohan could be seen as a police detective in the upcoming thriller movie “Cursed”, along with Mickey Rourke.
“The next movie I’m doing is named stuck with Mickey Rourke,” Lohan told Spade. “So that i’m excited to do. I play. I play a police officer and detective.”
Other than working on new film she recently released her new song “Back to me” in 12 years since 2008’s “Bossy.”

She informed on the social media adding that she was, “living in now”. She said song is about “rediscovering and accepting oneself, shutting out the noise moving forward and letting the past go”.
Some footages of Lohan from past controversial news stories came in front, with the audio of someone saying. “I heard Lindsay Lohan….” and a montage of newscasters calling Lohan’s name. Eventually, as old news footage of Lohan continued to play, an explosion erupted on the screen followed by a smiley face.
“I’m back!” Lohan captioned the mysterious post.

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