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India races against time to produce desi ventilators

With covid-19 on the increase , India has over a dozen efforts to form open-source ventilators.Ventilators are critical devices that assist people in breathing when lungs fail. Usually, one machine supports one patient. But then, these are unusual times.Splitting a ventilator between patients is complicated because every lung is different. Not all doctors are comfortable with the thought . However, soon, there might be more patients needing ventilation in India than the amount of ventilators available.

India, by most estimates, only has 48,000 ventilators. Nobody quite knows what percentage of those breathing assistance machines are working. But it’s a good assumption that each one those available are getting used in medical care units on existing patients with other diseases.

Meanwhile, hospitals also are preparing—and innovating—for tough times ahead.
SO it isn’t easy for us to proportion the assembly at this particular time. it’s extremely difficult to try to to so. But Chinese companies are working non-stop during this regards so on expand their production.China has 21 enterprises producing invasive ventilators with weekly production capacity is 2,200 units, accounting for about 20 percent of the worldwide production capacity.Most ventilators in India are either imported or assembled using imported components. to scale back the amount of patients who will need medical care and ventilators, those severely infected must not be treated alongside people with symptoms within the preliminary stages.Ventilator manufacturers across the country indicate their inability to build up production in such a brief time with export restrictions on medical devices in major supplier countries. The possible solution is to supply basic ventilators using indigenous design and components

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