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Japan To Impose State Of Emergency Due To Rapid Spike In Covid-19 Cases

Japan’s government has settled for imposing a state of emergency after the rate of Corona virus in Japan spikes. A state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo and six other states hit hard by the Corona virus pandemic. The state of emergency was declared by Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe. The prime minister was facing heavy pressure after the number of infections in Tokyo started rising almost doubling. Tokyo currently has about 1339 cases. The state of emergency will include closure of Bars and Restaurants.

Japan is currently taking its fight against the Corona virus a bit further. The prime minister of Japan asked the citizens to reduce human to human contact. The state of emergency is for Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, Fukuoka, Chiba Kanagawa and Saitama. The state of emergency is not a lockdown. Japan currently has about 3,906 confirmed cases. The government has asked people to stay indoors but shops will still be open. “We will prevent the spread of infection while maintaining economic and social services such as public transport as much as possible”. The state of emergency will go into effect for a month or so. The state of emergency has left several citizens worried as before now Japan had a relatively low number of infected cases. About 85 people have already died of the virus in Japan. Violators of the state of emergency cannot be punished except it is failures to orders concerning shipment of emergency or storage.

The prime minister announced that the testing capacity for the virus will be increased. The constitution of Japan does not give the government the right to close down businesses and force people to stay at home. Japanese government has promised to provide beds and ventilators, testing capacities for those with extreme cases, Companies are currently allowing workers to work from home. Residents in Japan can still go out for essential purposes like Hospitals, Shopping and Work.

While some people in Japan think the state of emergency should have been declared sooner, others are happy the government is doing something concerning the situation. On the same note some don’t see a need to avoid human to human contact as the number of deaths are relatively low. The Government also announced 108 trillion yen for Corona virus pandemic, Businesses and Jobs. “if you ask me if we can enforcement a lockdown like France, the answer Is no”, Japan’s prime minister said.

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