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Indian Army Chief MM Naravane is likely to brief PM Modi today

Indian Army Chief MM Naravane is expected to brief PM Modi about the Galwan clash and its aftermath following his two-day visit to Ladakh where he held discussions with Chinese army who decided to disengage to avoid a further clash.

The tensions in the Ladakh region remain at an all-time high after the crash that took place in the Galwan region on June 15th, which claimed the life of 20 Indian soldiers. Even after a lot of discussions and deliberations happening between both the countries, they have still been unable to reach a final proposition.

The Indian army chief also visited the troops to verify the operational situation during his visit to Ladakh. He applauded the soldiers for showing bravery and awarded commendation cards to the soldiers who battled with the Chinese troops during the clash.

India and China have increased vigilance in the area around the clash and have tried to reach out to each other to avoid an incident like this again.

Earlier, Modi had organised an All-party meet which was attended by leaders of at least 20 political parties to discuss the situation between India and China. During this meet, he claimed that no Indian post has been acquired by China and India still has control over their regions.

It was also questioned as to why the disturbance wasn’t picked up by the intelligence and reported to the army, which could have possibly helped avoid the clash.

Further level of talks between India and China are to be continued.

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