Hindustan Unilever’s Indian unit says, Skin Cream ‘Fair and Lovely’ to lose ‘FAIR’ from the name

Fair and lovely is one of the oldest products of Hindustan Unilever Limited. It is a fairness cream which is applied to the skin to get instant fairness. Due to this success, they even launched a facewash on a similar formula.

Today the Chairman and Managing director of HUL India said that they would remove the word ‘Fair’ from the product ‘Fair and Lovely’ as they want a fair audience as due to the word some people avoid it. Also the recent incident of ‘George Floyd’ in Minnesota which held the whole USA stuttered. Keeping all such kind of situations in mind the company decided to replace the word. He further added that the company will soon roll out a new name.

The company also removed the two faces presentation which was on the product as it was also skin tone biased. This shows that the world is coming out of such biases and gradually the racism is vanishing as the awareness has been spread through social media and other platforms.