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Instagram will soon allow influencers to make money from ads on IGTV platform

Instagram is launching tools for its content creators and influencers to make money. Using their posts on Live and IGTV videos, influencers and content creators now will be able to make money. The content on IGTV videos helps the platform get more advertisements.

The video ads will start appearing as soon as the user clicks on the full-screen mode from the preview mode. The initial round will be of vertical videos which will be 15 sec long. Instagram claims that 55% of the revenue from the ads will be shared with the content creators and influencers. The Facebook-owned company says that it hopes that this step would encourage more influencers and content creators to create content for IGTV.

The company said, “Starting next week, we are introducing ads in IGTV, our long-form video destination. We want to support creators’ investment in IGTV by sharing advertising revenue with them.” additionally to ads the social media platform also will roll out badges till next month. The badges can be purchased by users for their favourite creators and these badges will appear next to the person’s name throughout the live video.

The company further stated, “Fans who have purchased badges in Live will stand call at the comments and unlock additional features, including placement on a creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart.” Badges will now be unrolled in countries like the US, the UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mexico.

Recently, Instagram unrolled the update for support of the Messenger Rooms shortcut. The social media brand now features a shortcut within the app to conduct video calls of up to 50 people using Facebook’s Messenger Rooms. This new feature is often accessed by tapping on the video camera icon which will be found on the direct messages page on the top right corner.

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