PM Modi on Thursday called for each state to have at least one Solar City

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has highlighted the need to upgrade consumer satisfaction by augmenting productivity and financial sustainability in the power sector.

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Modi stated that the power distribution section especially differs across regions and also states.

An official statement has been released that says, “Instead of looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, the Ministry should put in place state-specific solutions to incentivise each state to improve its performance”.

Policy initiatives including revised tariff policy and Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020 have also been discussed in the review meeting to resolve the problems troubling the sector.

The Prime Minister after going through the works of Ministry of Power and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy said: “Each State should have at least one city (either a capital city or any renowned tourist destination) to have fully solar city through rooftop solar power generation”.

Modi also suggested the Ministry of Power assure that the power distribution firms (DISCOMS) bring out their performance results regularly to let the consumers know about how their DISCOMS are doing as compared to the others.

The New and Renewable Energy Department has been urged to emphasize a holistic approach for the supply chain of the Agricultural sector, starting from solar water pumps to decentralised solar cold storages.

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Currently, India produces 33GW (Gigawatt) of solar power and by 2022, they have resolved to produce 175 GW of clean energy capacity, out of which 100 GW would be from solar projects in March 2022.

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