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IPL 2020-21 to miss the April-May deadline as India extends the lockdown to May 3

As the Indian Government had decided to extend the lockdown for two weeks to control the spread of novel coronavirus the IPL 2020 is also postponed further. IPL 2020-21 to miss the April-May deadline as it has been postponed further.

As we all know that world is fighting a great battle against novel corona virus which is continuously and easily spreading from one person to another. On seeing the current circumstances our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the lockdown until May 3 because of this reason there is no decided date for the IPL 2020. The Board of Control for Cricket in India will be able to take any decision only after May 3 by keeping in view the current situation.

29 March was the date scheduled for starting the IPL 2020. Then the Indian Government announced the lockdown for 21 days because of the Covid-19 which infected many people and many lost their lives in the fight against the virus across the globe.

The BCCI is under the tremendous pressure as the cancellation of Indian Premier League is unavoidable. When BCCI postponed the IPL to April 15 in April it was said that the tournament will be hosted only if the situations will be under control and positive but since then the situations only worsened there are no improvements. The pandemic Covid-19 lead to great health crisis globally, more than 1921000 people are infected by the virus. 10000 people are infected by the virus and this lead to more than 330 deaths in India with the coming of April 14.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly gave the hint for the postponing of IPL rather than this he didn’t spoke much by taking in consideration the sorrowful scenario.
“I can’t say anything at the movement. We are at the same place where we were on the day we postponed. Nothing has changed in the last 10 days. So, i don’t have any answer to it,” said Ganguly and this reflected his helplessness.

“The BCCI should really consider postponing the IPL now. As a premier event, we’d like to act with great responsibility. Contemplation of IPL is inhumane immediately ,” KXIP co-owner Wadia told PTI.
“Let’s say even if the situation improves by May and I hope it does, who is going to come and play? Will the (foreign players) be even allowed to enter the country?” he asked.
The conference of BCCI and team owners were postponed earlier on Tuesday as the cases of corona virus continue to rise in country as well as globally.

The star eight team league was originally decided to start out on March 29,2020 in Mumbai. Looking at the BCCI it can be said that it is postponing the announcements with a hope for the things to improve in near future “if Olympics can be postponed by a year, IPL may be a much smaller entity therein regard. It is becoming increasingly difficult to organise. At this point the government isn’t even thinking about allowing foreign visas,” a BCCI official said.

Each stake holder is discussing the ways to minimize the financial damage with insurance companies as well as broadcasters currently.
“Situations might improve but a lot of restrictions will be in place. So it’ll be foolish to not cancel the league,” a BCCI veteran said.

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