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IPL 2020- Hardik Pandya is working all set for the season, shares workout pictures

As the date of Ipl comes closer, all the cricketers are all ready and have folded their sleeves and are ready to show their game on.

A few hours ago, Cricketer Hardik Pandya has shared a workout picture of his on his social media account. The picture got so viral and have motivated a lot of people and the youth of the nation.

The picture shows about how dedicated he is after going through a back surgery few months ago.

If you don’t know, Hardik Pandya got a back injury during the year 2018 in Asia Cup. He got healed but he had to go during the surgery to get his shape back. So, he had to go to London for the surgery in order to perform in the IPL.

Vikrant Gupta tweeted saying, “ Hardik Pandya’s injury and recovery is a big bone of contention now. He was sent to London for review by Spinal Surgeon. Will undergo Rehab at the NCA but if India considers him as MVP for World T20, should he be allowed a full-throttle IPL in extreme weather conditions?”

But now, he is all set and back to his standard shape and dedicated for his IPL game. His workout shows how dedicated he is for the passion and for the country too.

He has been showing full passion and showed that he is an important asset for the country.

His workout pictures have been viral now and his fans are drooling over his shirtless pictures. He is back to his shape now as he was before or even more fit. Many actors and celebrities have commented on his picture too. Like Sunil Shetty praised him of such an aspiring workout after going through a surgery.


It looks like he is all set to give a powerful play on the field. It will be interesting to know the energy they will have after so many months in the ground.

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