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IPL 2020: Sourav Ganguly heads out to Dubai, shares picture from the flight

Considering and adjusting with the New Reality due to the current COVID 19 situation, the IPL 2020 has shifted its work ground from India to Dubai. But this hasn’t disheartened the ever-growing number of cricket fans to remain up to date with the games; or the spirit of the cricketers!

Popularly known as ‘Dada’, Sourav Ganguly, the Indian Cricket administrator, commentator and formal National Cricket Team Captain recently posted a picture on Instagram wearing a mask and face shield all ready to fly amid the pandemic to Dubai for the IPL 2020 matches.

The match, Mumbai Indians versus Chennai Super Kings, the opening match of 2020 will take place in UAE.

Sourav Ganguly added the caption, ‘My first flight in 6 months to Dubai for IPL…Crazy Life Changes.’ He emphasised on the importance of the Standard Operating Procedure while flying during these tough times.


These matches are scheduled to take place at three venues, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. No fans are allowed inside the stadium as of now, but this may change considering if the situation improves or the cases drop.

The Indian Premier League, usually scheduled to take place in April – May every year, was postponed due to the quarantine instructions. Taking into view that cancelling an event like this will result in a loss amounting to nearly more than Rs 4000 crore, it is now shifted to this September -October phase.

The lucky part is that since most of the people are in the ‘Work from Home’ situation now, they can readily check for match updates and follow their favourite team.

Amid these times, when travelling and Social Gathering are highly restricted, this is the only and best option to go for.
So sit back, turn on the TV, pop some popcorn and enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity of watching the match at your own ease with no worries and time restrictions at all!

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