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Is Kapil ZWIGATO a real story?

There are very few movies that would make you cry, one of which is ‘Zwigato’. The film is directed by Nandita Das and is releasing on 17th March 2023.

Is Kapil ZWIGATO a real story?

The movie is about the people who bring food to us, and clean places for us, whom we call ‘kaamwalas and kaamwalis’. It talks about rising unemployment and how the economy is suffering because of it. The story is set in modern India.

The film is set in current times in Odisha. It shows the life of Manas, an ex-factory floor manager. After he lost his job, he is forced to work as a food delivery guy and is forced to find ways to increase his ratings and incentives. He struggles to make ends meet with his wife and two children and an ailing mother. His wife tries to support him by taking up jobs as a mall cleaning lady or giving massages to people. This shows their roller-coster journey.

The film is a work of fiction and is based on the true stories of thousands of people who go through the same journey. People have found this movie more relatable and this has made them more connected with the movie. The movie displays compassion for such people! 

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