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Is Shamita Shetty vegetarian or non-vegeterian?

As we know both Shetty sisters that is Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty are fitness enthusiasts. Recently Shamita was asked about her diet and what she eats in a day.

Is Shamita Shetty vegetarian or non-vegeterian?

I am a complete foodie. I choose to eat little oily food but higher in protein because I weight train a lot. My breakfast is mostly gluten-free – bread and maybe boiled egg- that’s my standard. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I have two warm glasses of water, post which I have my three walnuts, six almonds, fig and my tea – that’s like the first thing I have. Post which, I have my breakfast and sometimes I even have Poha maybe from red rice“, she said.

My lunch is basically gluten-free roti, quinoa, or I will have brown or red rice either with some protein like fish, chicken, egg, or vegetables with a little bit moong or masoor dal. Sometimes, I also have gluten-free pasta, rice noodles with vegetables. Whatever food I eat, I try and keep it gluten-free. I don’t eat wheat, rice is something that I eat. Whether it is noodles, I would prefer noodles made from rice. Food that is easier for the body to digest. I try and make it a point to eat every three hours. It is important to fuel your body if you want to continue burning calories throughout the day.

My dinner will be the first soup, after half an hour I will have a proper meal. I know people say dinner should be your lightest meal but honestly, I get very hungry at night. I eat normal food like rice, chicken similar to what I have for lunch. But, I try to finish off my meal by 9-9:30.” she further added.

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