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‘It won’t even take 18 hours to finish 18 crores’: Sonu Sood on tax evasion.

It was recently revealed that Sonu Sood premises and house were raided by the Income Tax department for alleged tax evasion. And every noble thing he did during the past one-and-a-half years during the pandemic, came under the scanner. Fingers were pointed at the unused amount of donations with his charity foundation and a lot of other things. “Zabardast” is Sonu Sood’s reply when we ask him how he’s doing, especially after the last two days that have been extremely tough for him.

'It won't even take 18 hours to finish 18 crores' : Sonu Sood on tax evasion.

Here is the man himself, taking on every allegation in an exclusive conversation with us. “It was coming, everyone knew that,” he exclaims, adding, “I always believe that when you try to do something which is different, you are bound to face difficulties. In fact, many percentages of my endorsements’ fees, I ask them to donate to my foundation so it can be stronger. The total is not what someone has given to us, a lot of it is my remuneration.

It was not lying unused; we use it every single day. The money is transferred to hospitals and educational institutes, and we use it for saving lives. It has been just four to five months since we started collecting. If I was using the money the way I am getting cases, it won’t take even 18 hours to finish that money. (Whenever we get a case), we scrutinise and make sure it goes to a genuinely needy person. A blind girl who donated ₹15,000 from the pension she gets, those 18 crores have that amount, same for what comes from the piggy banks of kids. I had to make sure every single penny was used wisely and goes to the right person. Every foundation takes time. I have been trying to make a hospital and met ministers in Telangana and other states, spoke to top hospitals across the country. My dreams are bigger so that even if Sonu Sood is not there, we exist and the help continues. People say I haven’t spent the money, but I have not wasted it either”.

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