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Joe Bien Revealed That He Would Choose Michelle Obama As Vice President In A Heartbeat

The Democratic nominee for the United states presidential election, Joe Biden, said in an interview with CBS news television that he will pick Michelle Obama, former first lady as his running mate. The former first lady has already said in the past that she has no interest of ever running for a political office. During a debate in March, Biden had promised to select a female vice president “I’ll commit to that be a woman because it is very important that my administration look, like the public, look like the national”. In his interview with KDKA on Monday he also added that “I’d take her in a heartbeat, she’s brilliant. She knows the way around, she is a really fine woman”. Biden also pledged to put a woman of colour in the US supreme court even if one might not be vice president.

Michelle Obama had earlier said that “As an older leader, I think and important part of leadership is stepping out of the way and making room”. The former Georgia House of Representatives minority leader, Stacey Abrams had said earlier in the month that she will be an excellent running mate for Biden. Joe Biden was the vice president to Barrack Obama in the 2008 election and served under him till 2016, he also represented Delaware in the US senate. Joe Biden also announced that he has set up a committee to review his potential running mate. A lot of people have shown interest in the position including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Maddow and even Kamala Harris.

Mr. Biden is getting ready for his election against the Republican candidate Donald Trump come November and reports say that he will have to raise $1 million everyday to catch up with the amount Trump already has. Neither of the two candidates have been able to able to campaign in public because of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

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