Kangana Ranaut takes a jibe at Taapsee Pannu on her ‘not so sasti’ remark on IT raids.

Following Taapsee Pannu’s, Anurag Kashyap’s and other member’s raid by the Income Tax Department at their premises in Mumbai and Pune, Kangana Ranaut tweets a sardonic reply to Taapsee Pannu saying ‘you will forever be sasti’ and that she can go to court if she is innocent.

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Kangana Ranaut takes a jibe at Taapsee Pannu on her 'not so sasti' remark on IT raids.

The raids were held for alleged tax evasion issues against the Phantom company, which belonged to Taapsee Pannu and Anurag Kashyap and others, which dissolved in 2018. Some of the promotors of the Company were linked in the #MeToo movement and Kangana rightly pointed out it in her tweet “Is it a coincidence that each and every stakeholder of Phantom n Kwan has been accused by multiple women of rape, molestation n harassment. If you don’t respect women, your moral fibre is wrong, you are born criminal, industry killed #MeToo but look one can’t escape karma”.

In another tweet she says- “IT department claims data from their phones has been wiped off, money laundering numbers and involvement of stakeholders can be shocking, I had my suspicions when I saw them provoke migrant labourers with some high budget anti-India animation advertisements”.

Taapsee and Anurag are very vocal about their views on politics and social issues and it is being considered as one of the reasons for being targeted.

They worked together in “Manmarziyaan” and “Saandh ki Aankh” and now are coming together for their third project “Dobaara” which is a thriller.

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