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Karnataka conducts SSLC exam everything you need to know

Exams will be held for 8,48,203 students across 2879 centres in the state of Karnataka additional 330 centres have also been set up.

Earlier scheduled in march, secondary school leaving certificate exam but postponed due to nationwide covid pandemic is now beginning on 25 June 2020 and end on July 5.

Karnataka chief minister B.S Yediyurappa tweeted in a recent post that” My best wishes to all the children appearing for SSLC exam. Follow government guidelines on wearing masks & sanitizers, maintain social distancing .” He visited some centres with an intention of inspection and ensured parents about their children’s safety and security.

This is perhaps the biggest exercise that the Karnataka government has undertaken. Enough and more precautions are taken for the safety of students. Though states like Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu cancelled all exams.

On the other hand, Karnataka became the second state after Kerala in southern India conducting the pending SSLC exam.
Karnataka government still wanted to go ahead with the utmost precautions and have the exams that people, the opposition and the parents are continuously questioning upon.

Covid cases tally in Karnataka stands more than 10,000. Now the state cabinet is also planning for another phase of lockdown. 397 new cases and 149 recoveries have been recorded in the last 24 hours. Among all these parents are worried about their children.

Among students, there is anxiety, lots of nervousness and uncertainty for exams. But there is also a sign of relief that now they don’t need to study all that.

S Suresh Kumar, Minister of Primary & Secondary Education Government of Kerala has also cleared his point about SSLC exams.
The state government took this as a challenge to conduct exams to its management capabilities.

“We have taken this decision in the interest of students after considering experts, opposition leaders & others also we have made all proper arrangements in respect to exams .” He stated.

According to HD Kumaraswamy cases may go up further in coming months. Exams can be postponed but experts have a different opinion on this topic. This is the right time for students to write their pending exams.


  1. Boxes are drawn on the floor to ensure social distancing.
  2. Thermal screening at entrance.
  3. Desk placed far apart inside the classrooms.
  4. The entry of public near school premises has been banned.
  5. Police have been appointed to avoid crowding near centres.
  6. Karnataka public transport facilities have been made available for students to pick them from
  7. their homes to exam centres.
  8. Masks and social distancing is mandatory.

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