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Karnataka Govt announces incentives for Covid-19 plasma donors.

The State government of Karnataka has decided to provide an incentive of ₹5,000 for patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and who are willing to donate their plasma, which will be used to treat other patients.

Speaking at the daily briefing on Wednesday, Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar said this was to encourage patients to come forward to donate. Plasma therapy has been administered on five patients in the State. Of these, three had recovered. Mr Sudhakar said that in a week’s time, test results would be received within 24 hours. The lab in 25 private colleges tests at least 500 samples per day. He said that Karnataka would further ramp up testing and aim to conduct 40,000 to 50,000 tests.

Health Commissioner Pankaj Kumar Pandey said that 4,000 people who tested positive for COVID-19 are currently in home isolation.”Please don’t take it otherwise, we have decided to give an incentive of Rs 5,000 to the donor. Please come forward voluntarily and help the patients recover by way of donating plasma, We have proven information that for COVID patients, plasma transfusion definitely works to
a greater extent.”That’s why the government has issued the order of giving an incentive of Rs 5,000,” Sudhakar told reporters.” Mr Sudhakar.

In convalescent plasma therapy, antibodies from the blood of patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are used to treat serious patients. Plasma from the blood of people who have recovered from the infection is obtained to inject into patients undergoing treatment
Several states are also coming up with plasma donation. Delhi has launched two plasma banks of its own. Maharashtra, on the other hand, has launched a convalescent plasma project for treatment of critical COVID-19 patients.

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