Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) converted one of its buses into a sanitization bus

Out of all the safety precautions to avoid COVID, sanitization is of utmost importance. Everyone has been asking the public to keep washing their hands and keep themselves hygienic.
When people are at their homes, they can follow these measures, but for those that are away, it is tough. So sanitization should be done in places that are likely to be crowded.

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The Karnataka State Government has taken a unique step in this regard. They have turned an old tourist bus into a sanitization bus, to sanitize people in public places. This would be roaming on the roads, all over to sanitize various people offering essential services like policemen, health, and sanitization workers.
The people are required to enter the bus from one side and get down the other side. In the way, they are sprayed with disinfectants and sanitized. This initiative is worth appreciating.

In some foreign nations, sanitization is being done in specialized tents; at the entrance, you’ll be given a bit of sanitizer. While cleaning your hands, you walk through the tunnel and you get sanitized.
Also, tunnels are being set up in various places like Ramanagar, Mandya where more number of people come together, especially the farmers and wholesalers to sell and buy the crops.

The KSRTC is planning to operate 18-20 buses shortly, to places with a heavy population.
It cost around ₹20,000 for setting up this bus, remodeling the inner parts, removing the seats, making two exits, and installation of sprinklers.

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