BIGG BOSS SHOCKER! Kashmera Shah takes “REVENGE”, “slaps” Nikki Tamboli in the…

BiggBoss is the most popular and controversial reality show in the TV industry. Its current season is entertaining the audience all over. In the upcoming episodes, the contestants are given a task to perform, in which they have big duck-shaped tubes, that they are supposed to tie around their waist. And the one who removes the tubes will get out of the task.

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However, in the recent task, it’s shown that the 2 contestants, Kashmera Shah and Nikki Tamboli indulge in a fight during the task. And that turned into slapping each other.

In the promo video, Nikki is seen saying that she wants to be the captain of the task. But Rubina advises her that they can’t get disqualified in the first task.

Meanwhile, Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant planned a strategy against Nikki of not letting her captain the task. And the contestants again locked horns in a task were Nikki and Kashmiri started fighting. Nikki removes the tube from her waist and started pulling Kashmera’s.

Whereas in order to protect herself Kashmera tried to keep Nikki away from her hands which got touched to her cheeks. Well, now it’s on the audience who will decide whether it was really a slap by Kashmera to Nikki or was just a mistake.

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