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Kim Jong Un death rumours, what exactly is going in North Korea

North Korea unexpected reticence about the buzz surrounding the death of their leader Kim Jong In have kindled to the conjecturing of something being fishy in the country. The news about his alleged death had spread like a wildfire in the social media after a Beijing TV channel declared the same on Weibo. Shijian Xingzou, Vice Director, Hong Kong Satellite Television, also the niece of a Chinese Minister has published in her Weibo account about Jong Un’s sudden death, adducing top sources.

Suspicions about his poor health arose after his pronounced absence from the celebrations of the most significant day in North Korea’s Calendar- April 15- the 108th birth anniversary of Kim II Sung, his grandfather and also the founder of North Korea. The tightly controlled country has last seen its leader on April 11 heading over a Worker’s Party politburo meeting.

Finally, officials in Seoul have revealed that Mr Kim is “alive and well” and have downplayed all rumours about him. Daily NK has stated in its e-paper about the cardiovascular surgery that he had undergone on April 12 and is currently recuperating from it.

US President Donald Trump has dismissed all news about the leader’s ill health but has refused to open his mouth on his last communication with him.
Today morning, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper published that Kim had sent his heartfelt gratitude to the Wonsan Karma coastal tourism project employees.

This is not the first time that Kim had dropped out of public sight. In 2014, he disappeared for almost 6 weeks and pitched up again with a cane. Later a South’s spy agency brought to light the fact that Kim underwent a surgical procedure to eliminate a cyst from his ankle.

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