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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat appealed RSS workers to continue the coronavirus relief work without discrimination

With the country combating the novel coronavirus, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday due to the mistakes of few people an entire community cannot be inculpated. He gave the high sign against forces detrimental to India’s interests taking benefit of the circumstances. Also, he appealed all to help without any discrimination and emphasized on making headway for a self-reliant economy.

While addressing online to workers of the RSS he said, “We have to be patient and calm. There should be no fear or anger as people with anti-India mindset can use it against the country”.

In an apparent reference to incidents involving Tablighi Jamaat members after which it arose as a major coronavirus hotspot in Delhi, the RSS chief said that even though someone did something erroneous, do not hold everyone responsible. Some people want to misuse it.

Appealing the Sangh workers to serve people without any discrimination, he said that those in need of help “are our own”.
He said, “It is our duty to help in this time of crisis. All 130 crore Indians are our own”.

Accenting that RSS is active during the lockdown within the kind of relief activities, Sangh chief said, “We should continue the relief work till the threat of this pandemic completely ends”.

Bhagwat lambasted the incident of mob lynching of two sadhus occurred in Palghar, Maharashtra and questioned why the police failed to prevent the incident.
Bhagwat said the catastrophe originated due to coronavirus pandemic should be transmogrified into an opportunity to create a new India that would lead the world.
He said, “Not only the government but also society should participate [in the process]. We will use what is manufactured here. We will buy foreign-made essentials on our own terms. We will have to use swadeshi [products]”.

Further, he added, “We have to encourage swadeshi businesses,” he said. “Businessmen, manufacturers, labourers must measure up to the standard. We must not depend on foreigners”.
He said that organic farming and cow-husbandry should be studied and followed by changing the chemical-based life-style.
Bhagwat said that government and people responded proactively to the crisis and tackled the pandemic effectively.

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