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COVID -19 also called coronavirus. It was firstly found in Wuhan, China, last December, 2019. The name COVID 19 is given by WHO (World health organization). Coronavirus is family of viruses. This viruses attacks on lungs. Symptoms of these disease are cold , fever , problem in respiration. Till now there is no specific treatment of this disease. Now human life is in danger.

UN chief Antonio Guterres appeals in his press conference on UN web TV on 23rd March 2020. 1.6 million people are effected with this virus and more than lakh people have died. According to WHO. This virus has spread to more than 180 countries.
This virus doesn’t see which person you are before attacking. Some people taking it very lightly and not following the rule or regulations of lockdown or social distancing. Everyone is facing very hard time of life. This virus is major problem for farmers , their Corp are ruining and also for pregnant ladies.

As public fear is growing for the COVID 19 pandemic, UN chief said “ we need hope , courage and togetherness to fight with this crisis. He also said that heightened courage is needed if we have to defeat this crisis. Government is also struggling for rising unemployment or economic down. However, there is need to be keep calm and maintain international peace. The pandemic’s economic creating major stress on less developed countries. However, the UN chief said that “we know our responsibilities, that what we have to do for peace-making operation. We are supporting to different bodies of the international community, the security council, the general assembly. At the same time we are pressuring to the government that we are able to fight with the crisis. Pressurising is my duty to correct the economic condition in this pandemic. And this will only done through our togetherness, if it will done with coordinator way.

Now our government is fully focused on this pandemic and for terrorist group it is a golden opportunity to do his non sense, this is also a big concern. The UN chief said on warning that parties have to pull back from hostilities and keep aside mistrust and animosity because now COVID 19 is a war and we have to fight with this virus . Now there is need to help needed people in any way and those who are not following the rule is fully foolishness.

When the UN chief asked how he was feeling , he replied he is strongly possession, and underlining that the UN has to be active this time.
There is no need to worry about COVID 19 , fight with the courage or intelligence against this virus.
Wash your hand with sanitizer or liquid hand wash , keep maintaining social distance, don’t be a doctor of yourself.
Stay home stay safe.

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