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Bollywood films and their creators have always maintained a close watch on Hollywood and other foreign films in order to gain “ideas” or find “inspiration” for their productions. Whether it was Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black, which featured a narrative that was very similar to that of the movie “The Miracle Worker,” or Hrithik and Katrina’s Bang Bang, which was an actual remake of Knight and Day. Although the Indian public has always welcomed all of these concepts, reviewers frequently fault filmmakers for not being “too original.” It appears that Hollywood and Western films have also incorporated concepts, sequences, and plotlines from Indian films. Here is the list.


1. Raj Kapoor’s masterpiece Sangam served as a major inspiration for the love triangle drama set against a war-torn setting in Pearl Harbour (2001).

2. Matthew Goode and Amy Adams played the main characters in Leap Year by Anand Tucker. JWM was about a girl who makes an effort to meet her lover but instead encounters a guy who aids her in finishing the journey but ends up “making a connection” with him in the end. There was a similar plot in Leap Year.

3. A Wednesday by Neeraj Pandey was officially remade as A Common Man, starring Ben Kingsley, the Oscar winner, and Ben Cross.

4. In Shahrukh Khan’s film Darr, a psychotic stalker tries to win over the girl he loves. The Hollywood movie Fear was inspired by this ‘violent’ love story.

5. Vicky Donor by Shoojit Sircar told the story of a guy who started giving and selling his sperm for cash. In order to create a fresh tale for the movie Delivery Man, Vince Vaughn’s character, Delivery Man, also took a concept and rebuilt it.

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