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Locust swarm reaches Agra, drones used to spray insecticides

Drones are being used to kill these locust swarms. According to the news, these locusts arrived Agra yesterday around 8-9 pm. Around 60% of the Swarm has been killed as insecticides are being sprayed over by the help of four drones. Yesterday tractors and fire brigades were used to shoo them away. Now a team assigned by Central Government has also arrived here with four drones to kill the locusts,” said Rampravesh Kumar, District Agricultural, Defense Officer Agra

A resident, Nihal Singh who came out for a walk, told ANI that a large number of locusts surfaced this early in the morning and it became difficult for the locals to even walk.

According to the knowledge by the Ministry of Agriculture, all the groups of locust swarms are being tracked by teams of the state agriculture departments of Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, local administrations and officials of the Central Locust Warning Organisation.

Control operations are underway. (ANI)

Let’s hope we win all these battles as soon as possible.

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