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Loss of smell recently entered the WHO’s list of COVID-19 symptoms

While the primary symptoms of the Coronavirus infection have been reported to be flu-like, another symptom has been uncovered recently.
A study found out that loss of smell (anosmia) and taste have been most prevalent in the earlier stages of the infection. And WHO believes this can be helpful in better predicting the infection, cause the earlier symptoms were closely related to common flu, or other common diseases.

The researchers earlier found that 65 per cent of those who turned positive had reported a loss in their smell and taste senses. However, about 20% per cent of those tested negative have also reported a loss in taste and smell.

The researchers thus suggested that these symptoms can actually prove helpful in identifying potential mils cases of infection in spite of simply relying only on flu-like symptoms.

Also, previous coronaviruses, as well as respiratory diseases, are known to have an effect on the smell receptors.

Nevertheless, these symptoms were observed in the first few days of infection in some, and in later stages of illness for others. Thus, though these symptoms cannot definitely tell if a person has been infected, it can be used as a pre-stage. If a person has a loss of smell and taste, along with flu-like symptoms they are more likely to be infected and so have to be tested.

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