Malls in Bengaluru install ultraviolet tunnels to disinfect baggage as readying themselves to reopen on June 8

After following the two-month-long lockdown nationwide to curb the spread of coronavirus, the government has been devising plans to provide relaxation and bring life back to the track. It has been said previously, that with the use of measures like social distancing people can still visit malls barber shops spas and salons. This was a major concern of the people when smaller reliefs were provided as if the other
essential services will be back or not. From the 8th of June, malls and other less essential services like salons and spas will reopen.

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To this Bengaluru malls have made use of a new measure of disinfecting the baggage and make themselves ready, to reopen on June 8th. The installations will be done at the entrances of the malls. They are sanitizing the malls and made it compulsory to have installed, the Aarogya Setu application on the mobile phones of the customers.

The leaders of the opposition have said that it is not the right time to open up educational institutions as there is still a spike in the cases of the covid 19 viruses. As the celebrations have been banned for a while all around the country, the event and wedding planners have been pushed back to the drawing board and so are the small scale businesses. PM Modi in one of is addressing the nation speeches said to use
the adversity as an opportunity and small scale businesses who are in the threat of going out of business in the outbreak of the virus need to devise a better plan of functioning to help themselves out after the introduction of funds to them by Finance minster Nirmala Sivaraman.
Tamil Nadu has the raging virus taking people towards severity and death. whereas The Chamarajanagar district of the southern part of Karnataka has not reported a single case of coronavirus.

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