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Many Navy Soldiers at INS Angre test positive for COVID 19 till now the number accounts to 21

26 Indian navy personnel test positive for COVID 19, many people feared of infections at the INS base, Mumbai shore establishment. It works as a base depot of ships and unit based in Mumbai.

Among its sailors, the Indian navy has reported 21 cases that have been tested positive. all the cases were found to be connected to one person who was tested positive on the 7th of April. Many of the serving personnel at INS Angre have been tested positive for
coronavirus.it has been stated by higher officials that this number could go up due to the
pending reports of the other personnel. This would be very harmful to the INS base in

This has been the first time till now that made the navy fear from the coronavirus cases it turned out to be that most of the tested personnel were asymptomatic and has
connections due to the one who was tested positive on April 7.
Till the time being no cases were reported on Naval ships, submarines and air stations the officers serving are continued to be deployed at missions with all optimally functioning space assets and networks.

According to a statement made by the Indian Navy,” Navy remains combat-ready, mission capable and is in full readiness to take part in a national mission to fight against the pandemic and provide support to our friendly neighbors in Indian Ocean regions.
The group of Navy personnel that had been tested positive for the COVID 19, was resident in the same accommodation as the others. They also have been tested to encounter any symptomatic changes in them.
Naval Barracks or Ins Angre as its called is a shore-based logistics and administration of
support which is an establishment of Western Naval Command.

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