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Maruti Suzuki gets the permission to operate its Manesar plant in single shift

Gurugram Deputy Commissioner has given Maruti Suzuki India to operate the plant in a single shift with restricted members and staff. The plant was shut down exactly one month before on March 22 due to nationwide lockdown. The company has been granted permission to operate with not more than 4,696 employees and 50 vehicles in a single shift. The company’s chairman said that the company will resume its operation when it can continuously produce and sell their product which is not possible looking at the current situation.

The spokesperson further stated that no decision has been taken regarding the resumption of operations as the Manesar and Gurugram plants are interlinked and the permission has not been granted for the Gurugram one also, the company could not function in isolation without its vendors. However, the two plants in Haryana have an installed capacity to roll out 15.5 lakh units per annum. Moreover, the company could only resume its operations after they put the measures of social distancing in place and safe management of the workers; it depends on the company that how long they take to prepare their premises.

Manesar Industries Welfare Association vice-president Manmohan Gaind welcome the permission grant for the company but complained that the administration was very slow in clearing applications by the Micro, Small and Medium scale industries seeking resumptions. Around 500 applications were

Left pending with the administration and they should dispose it as fast as possible.
Under the new guidelines issues by Ministry of Home Affairs under the lockdown period till May 3, the government, private industries and establishments in rural areas or outside the limits of municipal corporation or municipalities have been allowed to operate after April 20. Manufacturing, industrial units with access control in special economic zones (SEZs), export oriented units, industrial estates and industrial townships have also been allowed to function.

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