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Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma motivates students amid lockdown through Unacademy’s campaign, ‘Legends of Unacademy’

Unacademy is one of the largest virtual online program that provides students with the best learning and education classes . The tutors of unacademy are either the professors who have a commendable teaching experience or students who have cleared various exams like JEE , UPSC etc .

It is india’s largest learning platform that has proved that education is not only limited to the school or within four walls. Education is a wide concept that is comprehensive enough to know about it from anywhere .

Currently due to the novel corona virus, the lockdown has been declared and the school and college gates are shut. The education system was about to go in the reverse but thanks to unacademy that this doesn’t happen.

In march unacademy announced a new program called ‘legends of unacademy ‘. The motive behind launching this program was to keep the spirit of learning and gathering knowledge among the students alive.
In this program they have made various legends to hold a live session and have an interactive session with the students telling about the fields in which they master and at the end of the live answering their questions.

Various legends were invited by the unacademy team to hold a live session . Some of those people were kiran bedi, shashi tharoor , virat kohli and anushka sharma.

Virat kohli and anushka sharma held a joint live sessions in which they motivated the students and the learners to focus and aim for their goals , work hard and achieve whatever they want. The live session was held on 21st april at 6pm where they talked about how dreams of the aspirants ,they also talked about that how much a motivated behavior and hardwork is essential for becoming successful in life.

Our virushka are never leave any chance for doing a good thing . They participate in all public activities announced by the indian prime minister and now they gave a pep talk to the students who are afraid of this lockdown and think that their career might get effected by this .


With the current uncertainties that the world is facing, a little dose of positivity can go a long way. We aim to provide a unique learning experience to our learners through Live Classes by prominent personalities as a part of our Legends on Unacademy program. Learners are at the heart of Unacademy’s efforts, and we relentlessly strive to support their dreams.

These interactive Live Classes will not only equip our learners with academic knowledge, but also empower them with extraordinary life skills, and help them hone their ability to overcome various challenges. We encourage all learners to continue staying motivated and make the most of these classes , said the vice president of unacademy mr. Karan shroff.

This program provided by unacademy is completely free of cost and anyone can participate in the live session by get the app and registering themselves in it. The 30 minutes class and live session provided by unacademy is a bliss for all the learners and a good social service from their side.

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