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MHA further eases the lockdown in non – containment zones, Local shops, market complexes allowed to open


Retailers and Mail developers are in fear if their is the extension, it leads to the financial outbreak in the country.
So, the retailer and mail developers seeks help from the government. 21 days lockdown met with the several crisis. In this situation if it had been extended their will be the several causes. It is difficult to overcome the crisis. If any measures are taken it is easy to give the people financial support.

“Chain should be in order”

Workers, were moved from there village to as support their families, financial problem to the city. The migrant workers were working for low wages in city. Due Covid-19 breakdown the migrant workers are affected a lot. They are not allowed to work so, the workers are decided to leave the city and move to the village. There family members are waiting for the their arrival. Amidst lockdown migrant workers choking Delhi and Up borders. The migrant workers are the one who forms the base of the chain. If they continue the job it will help the retailer’s and mail developers.

“Stock of production”

The production of goods is stopped recently due to the national wide lockdown. During this lockdown, the stock goods are sold by the Retailer to high cast. Now lockdown extent and their us no stock of goods it affects the producers and consumers. Consumer rate is high in India. To over come this situation the retailer’s and mail developers seeks the help from the government to make the availability of production during this lockdown. Export of goods is also stopped it also affects the individual. Mails are closed recently.

“Financial crises”

The lackdown is expected to have a negative impact on the cash flow in the companies. But companies can get the loan at low cast which will develop the economical growth in all aspects. The covid-19 has wide impact on all the system globally and broken the values of the company. India, had many small scale industries. They were affected because of cut-down in lending rate. Bank also find very difficult to reduce a lending rate in short term. Loans were the main source for revenue. But now it reduced. It will cause the global financial crises. India will face great financial crises in future because of this pandemic covid-19. RBI, Governor Shaktikanta Das announced to cut the policy rate, which cause many economical issues.

This cut-down will affect economic directly. Economic slowdown has been aggregate by decline in consumption. Many families were leading their livehood through lending, if it has been slowdown them consumption rate were reduced. Money is the backbone to lead a life. If this cut-down as been expanded after three months there alsothe exportt export and import. India will come under a financial crises.


Covid-19 is the major cause for the financial breakdown. It will be very difficult to overcome the financial loss. Not only in finance the world is under difficult even in the standard of living.

Economic slowdown is large in china, Spain and France, In next case, is India where it shown a value. The effects due to corona virus is abandon and uncountable.any were died because of this pandemic disease. As their is no medicine and doctors were struggling to find them. The countries such as china, Spain, France had faced huge loss.

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