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Michael Hussey says, ‘Hopes MS Dhoni continues to play as long as he can’

Former Australia Batsman Michael Hussey Expressed his views on the Gameplay of the former captain of the Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni. Hussey Hailed Dhoni saying the Chennai super king’s captain should be allowed to take a call on his carrier. He said that he can play for as long as he can. Having said that he wishes that the veteran should carry on for another 10 years.

Hussey further confessed that he has always been awestruck by the world cup winner Dhoni on how he handles himself and other team members on and off the field. “I love how calm he is and how much he backs his players,” says, Hussey.

“I love MS as the captain. I love how calm he is and how much he backs his player and shows so much faith in his players. Obviously, he is very astute from a tactical point of view. The certain move he makes… you wonder where he is going with it but it’s amazing how often it sort of comes true and works out in his favour”.

Michael Hussey said, that he considers MS Dhoni as one of the best finishers of all time in cricket. Dhoni’s calm and composed attitude and his calculated approach towards the game has always been admirable for Hussey.

“He’s been an incredible person for CSK for so long, and India for that matter, and the hope he keeps playing for another 10 years. I am not sure we are going to be able to see that, so hopefully, he can play for as long as he can,” Hussey said in Sony sports.

Hussey went down the memory lane as he recalled his days in the IPL as a player of Chennai Super Kings, he said, he fell in love the moment he walked into the dressing room for the first time in 2008.

“I fell in love with the IPL from the very second I walked into the CSK dressing room in 2008. It was such an exquisite atmosphere. Guys that simply cherish cricket from everywhere in the world. That’s what I cherished probably the most”.

Hussey and Dhoni share a commendable relationship together. There is a sense of mutual respect between both. They compliment one and other so properly that it’s actually laudable said, Hussey.

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