Mike Pompeo says, Washington may never restore the WHO fundings after the cut off over Covid19 outbreak issues

U.S. Secretary of States Mike Pompeo declared the need to outdistance the World Health Organisation (WHO) after the COVID-19 pandemic gets over and also forewarned that Washington may never reinstate WHO funding. He hinted at working towards an alternative instead of UN body.

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As Pompeo accused WHO for their loopholes, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives held the Trump government responsible for trying to scapegoat the institution after they proved to be a big failure in handling the pandemic.

Though President Donald Trump has intermitted US funds last week claiming that WHO is being “China centric” and encouraging them to spread “disinformation” about the novel coronavirus, WHO itself has rejected all allegations against them while China asserted of being completely “transparent” about the outbreak.

The United States have donated to WHO a sum of over $400 million, approximately 15% of its budget in 2019, making them the greatest contributors. Senior US officials have announced that these funds could be redirected to other helping communities across the world in case they overhaul WHO after the COVID-19 pandemic gets over.

Pompe strongly condemns China of transgressing WHO norms and reporting the outbreak after things went out of hand. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ inability “to go public” because the member state has gone wrong to follow up with their orders is highly regretted, added Pompe.
US is still now the worst affected country by COVID-19 where almost 48000 deaths have been reported.

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