Capital city’s peak power demand lowers down to 49% during the lockdown

Delhi’s pinnacle power demand has boiled down to 49 percent with all the business and mechanical exercises practically at a halt because of the lockdown forced due to the flare-up of pandemic coronavirus said discom and power supply department on Friday.
As per the official information, there is a huge decrease in the power demand compared with the last years. The peak power demand during the day has diminished by 40-50 percent, while the peak power request during the night has decreased by around 20-30 percent.

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“The higher decrease in the day’s capacity request is because of the closure of business and industrial establishments in the lockdown which has prompted around 70-90 percent decrease of power request in this section”, said the officials.

There is no incredible effect in the household load during the lockdown. They further pointed out that, “people are confined to their homes and using electric appliances. So, there is no impact on Delhi’s domestic load, which is around 75 percent of total power load. In fact, there is a slight increase in this category,” included an official.
As indicated by the authorities there were a decrease in the Delhi’s power demand even before the declaration of lockdown in the long stretch of March.

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