Mining Giant Vedanta revealed about spending ₹ 151 crore so far to provide for healthcare services and meal to workers

Vedanta, the Metals and mining giant,on Wednesday said that it has spent ₹151 crore so far to provide preventive healthcare to local communities and distributing free meals to daily wage workers. Having taken various precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees, Vedanta has reached out to over seven lakh community members to prevent the spread of the pandemic, said by the in a statement.

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According to Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal: “India has shown tremendous resilience in fighting the impact of COVID-19. We have earned goodwill from the world for supplying critical medicines to many countries. I am confident that our economy will become self-sufficient. ‘Make in India 2.0’ will be the mantra, Start-ups will innovate, MSMEs will provide work, the mining & manufacturing industry will resurrect, and our people will emerge stronger. We will ensure strict norms for health & safety at work and recalibrate our economy”.

“PM Modi has full support from India Inc. and the lives and livelihoods of our people is of prime importance,” further added by Mr. Agarwal.
Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal shown the conviction that the Indian economy will become self-sufficient.

Previously, Vedanta had declared ₹100 crore corpus which has been increased this month to more than ₹200 crore for providing relief to daily workers, preventive healthcare and welfare of employees and contract partners amid the lockdown to combat novel coronavirus.
Agrawal said, “PM Modi has full support from India Inc. and the lives and livelihoods of our people is of prime importance.”

The company stated that it has so far provided more than 5.5 lakh meals to daily wage earners across the country. Vedanta has vowed 10 lakh meals to daily wage workers in Delhi, Mumbai and Patna.

In addition, dry ration packets are being provided to 13,500 fisherman families in Mumbai. Besides, its business units have also distributed more than 21,000 dry ration packets to local communities.

Vedanta Foundation has also distributed food grains to 300 families, which includes approximately 850 beneficiaries, at a school in Mumbai.
The company is feeding everyday more than 50,000 stray animals,who have barely any access to food during the lockdown.

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For boosting the preventive healthcare, Vedanta has distributed more than 2.5 lakh masks across communities. The company is in the process of handing over another 2 lakh N95 masks to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. Till now company has provided more than 26,000 surgical masks and more than 60,000 surgical gloves to district hospitals across the nation.

Vedanta has collaborated with the Ministry of Textiles to import 23 machines for indigenously personal protective equipment (PPEs). The imported machines, which will be fully operative after this month, will be able to produce approximately 5,000 PPEs per day. The company has also distributed more than 75,000 units of soaps and sanitizers across communities.

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Complying with the Govt. circular on essential services and continuous processing industries, Vedanta plants are operational with strict adherence to WHO Standards on averting COVID-19.

To ensure timely healthcare advice amidst the lockdown, Vedanta has also started a 24×7 general helpline for the employees In association with Apollo Hospitals.The services are available for all employees and their families.

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