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Ministry of Ayush releases immunity boosting tips for Indians


Immunity is needed in body, It will fights against the external agent. The individual must have certain amount of immune in the body temperature save himself from the microorganisms. Immunity is produced by immune system. An individual an acquire the immunity from the birth by vaccination. They are two types of immunity one is produced in the body naturally and by the external agent. The artificial form of immunity is given by the mother after the child birth. Without the immune system one cannot survive because lack of immunity will make the body to acquire many diseases and leads to death. Before the child was born, the mother’s immune system will save the child.

“How the individual acquire immunity”

In Biological term, the immunity can be acquired by the individual. If one is met with a disease for the first time, the disease is cured by vaccination or by the immunity produced in the body of the affected individual. Daily consumption of food which helps to increase the production of immunity by the immune system. The food such as Lemon, ginger, Black pepper and many play a vital asset of increasing the level of immunity.
Many children are death due to the lack of immune secretion in their birth. Many died before their birth. If the mother lack the immune secretion, it will affect the child also.

“Breast Milk”

The Mother’s milk contain the high level of immune content. From her birth the mother will face many diseases. She contains lot of immunity in her body. It is provided to her baby through feeding. After the child birth, the child is immediately vaccinated. In order to overcome the pandemic disease. If the child didn’t get her mother’s feeding, it will lead to death. some children will acquire the immunity from the body and overcome the disease.

“Ayurvedic medicine”

Children will lack immune secretion in such cases Ayurvedic medicine play the vital role. Ayurveda depends upon the natural environment. Medicine are prepared by using the natural products. From Ayurveda many other medicinal technique are formed. In olden days people followed Ayurvedic treatment. Ancestors believed that food is medicine. They had the proper way of consumption. they believed in nature and lead a life in back of nature. When this chain is changed, it leads to the establishment of many pandemic disease. Humans began to destroy nature. As technology is developed the human forget the value of food and their nutritious content.

” Lack of immune secretion”

We can take the present situation, their was the outbreak of Covid-19. Scientists are struggling to find the medicine and it was still in process. During this research, many had lost their lives and causes financial crises. Now the medical world insists, one with the high immune secretion will not affect by the Coronavirus. If they are affected they can easily get ride off. Everything depends upon the immune system. To have the healthy lifestyle, healthy food supply is required and it will make a individual to have the proper immune secretion.


Indian’s have the proper diet maintenance. This statement can be strongly agreeable. As this article gives the details of ancient food culture and present days. Because the attack of Covid-19 is comparatively low compared to other countries. Many children are lacking with immunity, those children should be taken into consideration and increase the level of immune secretion.

“To lead the healthy lifestyle, healthy food supply is needed”

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