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Celebs undergo drastic transformations while under lockdown. Karthik Aryan to Vicky Kaushal, check pics here

While some of us have been becoming a part of our beds and our couches during this lockdown period, unable to separate ourselves from Netflix and food, there are also some people who have been making the most of this time by not making stupid decisions just because they are bored( read: cutting their hair themselves).

With considerably less time before a camera and without makeup, celebs have been really enjoying all the family and me time they have been getting. With family and pictures all over social media, it is safe to assume that now even the families and pets are getting annoyed with a more than required stay at home. I’m just kidding. Of course, celebs don’t get to spend a lot of their time with their families and pets due to a lot of travelling from place to place.

It’s only fair that they post pictures with their families on Instagram. Under the below throwback picture that Kareena Kapoor Khan posted, she says “I am not dreaming of beaches… You are!

TakeMeBack ❤”. Indeed we are, Kareena.

She also posted a picture sporting a necklace made by Taimur using penne pasta with a “Pasta la Vista” caption. All of the staying at home really seems to be doing wonders for her skin. I’m pretty sure the fans are enjoying all those homemade face masks that the celebs have been trying recently.

But it is not only Kareena Kapoor Khan who’s enjoying a glowing skin this time of the lockdown, but many other celebs have also been posting their #noMakeup pictures or throwback pictures.
We all have to agree that there has been an abundance of throwback pictures but they remain one of our many guilty pleasures. Am I right or am I right?
Other major transformations that you can see in many other celebs are the unkempt growth of their hair, facial mostly. From Kartik Aaryan to Vicky Kaushal to Akshay Kumar, it is quite clearly evident. Personally, I think it does no harm to their ‘charm’ factor. Below are the before and after pictures of Kartik Aaryan and Vicky Kaushal to point out the changes( which no one seems to be opposed to).

If anything, these #lockdown pictures are being successful in bringing a smile on the faces of their fans.
A lot of celebs have also been working out a lot and inspiring their fans to work out with them through live sessions. A lot of people will be coming out of this lockdown with biceps and abs if they keep up the good work!

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