Missing Markaz Chief releases audio tape, haven’t yet appeared before the police

Tablighi Jamaat and Markaj has contributed as a hotspot in the rise of Number of cases of
Covid-19 patients. These liberals didn’t only neglected the safety measures and guidelines issued by Indian government but also travelled across the whole country in the pandemic.

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That doesn’t only lead to rise in number of cases but also ignitate the famous political
Hindu-Muslim debate, even in this situation.
Maulana Saad, the chief of Tablighi Jamaat and Markaj released a new audio advicing
everyone to have patience. After being so irresponsible and still he says, “Rulers should
encourage the followers to come forward ” and continued to blame Centre for increasing the differences and struggles among two religions.

As these audio released by these leaders have a remarkable impact on their followers.
These types of audio message can lead to more problems for our corona warriors.
● We have seen this type of response from this section of society , when an similar
audio was released in past which leads to bring a lot of people on roads to attack the
doctors by stone pelting.

He talked about two problems. First, which is created by insiders and the second which is
caused by the outsiders. In his audio, Saad was advicing the government to handle the
situation calmly and patiently and telling the government that, If you struggle with the
Jamaties they will see it as a revenge from your side and you should support them in this
kind of pandemic.

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