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Yuzvendra Chahal asks Anushka Sharma to request Virat Kohli to let him open says, Bhabhi,next time Chahal se opening krwa le

Yuzvendra chahal is an indian cricketer and former chess player and has represented india in T-20 ‘s and one day internationals (ODI’s) . He has also represented india internationally in chess at youth levels.he switched his career from Chess to Cricket, and therefore turned himself into a loyal cricketer.

He is the first player ever to represent India in both chess and cricket. Yuzvendra made his first-class debut in November 2009. According to him, playing chess helps him to be more patient, controls his temper and makes him able to read batsman’s mind. He is a leg break bowler. He was second player in T20I history to have taken a 6 wicket haul.
Currently the lock down has made people to do one or the other thing but look what yuzvendra chahal is upto ! He in this free time is surely posting alot of pictures of himself on his social media accounts but is also making funny remarks and comments on other people’s photos . He is seen commenting on the pictures of his team mates every other day.

Currently anushka sharma has uploaded a video in which she was asking like a fan to strike a four and hit the boundaries just like a fan .

On this chahal turned all the spotlights on him by commenting , next time bhabhi please say chahal ok opening kara na chahal ko i wish apki sun le .
And this comment of his got viral as soon as it was posted . Virat’s and chahal fans replied to his comments and he got more than 300 replies for his comments. Some wrote ek chance toh banta hai and some wrote you are just a next level person !Also anushka captioned her this post as , i thought he must be missing being on the field . Along with the love he get from millions of fans , he must be especially missing this one particular type of fan too So i gave him the experience.

We must that yuzvendra chahal is leaving no moment to make a hilarious remark or comment on the post of his buddies and even his fans keep on waiting that when will he comment such a hilarious comment on someone’s profile . The chances of yuzvendra chahal of going as an opening batsman is surely minute but we are sure he will not stop passing funny remarks on his beloved buddies pictures and videos.

Also the lock down has got on yuzvendra chahal’s nerves. He is no more able to bear this lockdown and have said that he will get locked down from his home , he would not come back to his home . He couldn’t take this anymore , couldn’t stay at home for longer now . These days of staying at home would suffice for the next three years then.

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