Mumbai Police orders its personnel over 55 years of age to take leave and stay at home

Earlier reports were the elderly and sick group of the society is more prone to the coronavirus due to low immunity.

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Yesterday, a 57-year-old head constable died in Mumbai. Earlier reports were two of his colleagues, whose ages were 52 and 57, were dead due to coronavirus on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Considering the deaths of these three policemen in the last three days due to COVID-19 disease, the Mumbai Police have asked their personnel, who are above 55 years of age with pre-existing ailments, to take a leave as a precautionary measure, a senior officer said today. In addition to this, police personnel who are above 52 years of age and have existing medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc. have also been asked to stay at home for now.

During a report, it was known that besides these three deaths, there is another police personnel who is undergoing through the treatment for COVID-19 who was also above 50, a senior officer informed.

“In view of this, we have decided to protect our policemen and officers – who are above 55 years of age and having some pre-existing ailment – and asked them to take leave,” he said.
“Because of their age, these police personnel are at a higher risk. Therefore, we are allowing them to take leave during these days,” the official said.

“Our personnel are risking their lives daily to protect citizens. It is our priority to keep their personal health and immunity strong,” a Mumbai police spokesperson said.
The news has been of at least 107 policemen to be tested as positive in Maharashtra. The majority is from Mumbai. The police officer said that staff at all police stations has been directed to do a 12-hour shift per day which will be followed a by 24-hour rest shift until May 3, when the coronavirus-enforced lockdown is expected to be lifted.

“Food packets, ration, hot water flasks, pandals at checkpoints are also being provided to the police personnel on frontline duties,” the officer said, adding that temporary accommodation facilities are also being provided.

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