NASA joins forces with a California based task force to develop medical devices and equipments to help in this crisis

NASA has teamed up with a Californian task force to make headway towards development of medical devices like ventilators to cope up with the COVID 19 crisis and help the victims get rid of this deadly disease.

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The US space agency confirmed that it’s Armstrong Flight Research Centre has collaborated with Antelope Valley Hospital, the City of Lancaster, Virgin Galactic, The Spaceship Company (TSC) and Antelope Valley College to crop up with unfangled thoughts and try to mitigate the demands of the medical community in this time of crisis.
Mike Buttigieg, a NASA engineer has already attempted to create a sample of an oxygen hood that have turned to work out at hospitals. The Spaceship Company (TSC), Mojane, California has taken the charge of the device’s mass production.

The hood operates as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to resuscitate the ailing lungs of the patient that is deficient of oxygen.
Allen Parker, another NASA engineer of Armstrong with his team have devised a canopy for the welfare of the healthcare workers. They have designed the canopy in such a way that the patient will be kept inside it and “aerosol viral contaminants will be vacuumed out through a viral filter within the canopy”. This would let the medical staffs work safely around the patients with the least possibility of getting affected.

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