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UK Sets Up A Special Taskforce To Develop A Vaccine For Coronavirus Urgently As Death Toll Increases

The United Kingdom has set up a vaccine taskforce to coordinate efforts to rapidly accelerate the development of a new vaccine to treat Covid-19 as death toll rises. The country’s death toll recently just rose by 847 deaths therefore increasing its death toll to 14,576. The vaccine taskforce is aimed at bringing together efforts to discover vaccine and support research institutions and industry to remove any blocks delaying it up. The task force was announced by business secretary Alok Sharma at the daily press conference.

He said creating the vaccine will take several months and success is not yet guaranteed. This special task force has given encouragement to the creation of a possible vaccine for Covid-19. Professor Robin Shattock while speaking to LBC said “I think we have good chances of having an effective vaccine in a record time, but that still won’t be widely available until next year”, also adding that “Its going well, we are moving as fast as we possibly can and faster than we have ever been able to move vaccines in to clinical testing before”.

Meanwhile the World Health Organization has questioned if antibody tests could help the UK end its lockdown. James Moore, a chief business commenter said “No one really knows the true number of cases in Britain because you will struggle to get tested”. Lots of lives have been lost in the country due to the pandemic including a British transport police who died on Friday night. 21 new research has been funded with about 14 million pounds. Studies are currently on going for how long Covid-19 can survive on air and materials.

UK health secretary Matt Hancock said “we are doing everything possible to save lives and beat this disease, and that includes working flat out with businesses, researchers and industry to find a vaccine as soon as possible”. The country has already pledged 250 million pounds to develop a vaccine. The lockdown and social distancing will help to suppress the pandemic while scientists try to suppress the chain of transmission.

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