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NCB asked me to come with them: BJP worker seen with Aryan’s friend

The drug case under which Aryan Khan was arrested seems to be a bit twisted than it seems to be. The NCB might be working with BJP, and this has been pointed out by the NCB spokesperson and Maharasathra Minister Nawab Malik

NCB asked me to come with them: BJP worker seen with Aryan's friend

When Aryan Khan was being taken to the NCB office for interrogation, there was a person who was present there. The NCB officers had informed that the person was not among them. Later on, it was found out that the person was no one other than Manish Bhanushali and  K P Gosavi.

Bhanushali is the Vice President of the BJP party. However, he claims that he is just a “humble worker of the party”. Upon asking about his involvement in the case, he said “I had received information regarding the drugs party on the cruise ship from a friend through WhatsApp on October 1. That friend had overheard a conversation regarding the party. I went to inform the NCB officials on October 2.” 

The NCB had defended themselves and said they did not know these people before. The Maharashtra  BJP spokesperson Keshav Upadhye said “The question here is whether he (Malik) wants to support the fight against drugs or oppose it. We need to support the NCB’s fight against drugs. I want to ask the NCP whether they just want to support Aryan Khan or is there any other motive? If NCB feels that they must prosecute these two people named by Malik, they can.’’

It will be interesting to see the case taking a turn from here.

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