Bigg Boss 14- Netizens call Jasmin Bhasin “Jas-Mean” after her awful comments on Rashami Desai…

Jasmin Bhasin gets trolled brutally for her comments on Rashami Desai. Netizens call her jas-mean. Jasmin and Aly Goni badmouth Rashami Desai after her conversation with Vikas Gupta. Jasmin had been harsh to Rashami during BB13 as well, Rashami took it sportingly. Here Rashami Desai hasn’t spoken ill about her, and she has already started showing her mean jealous colour.

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Also, Rashami said Jasmin not to hold personal grudges and play fairly to which Jasmin had a savage reply and I quote “Jisne khud pure season mai person grudges rakhe who mujhe sikha Raha h.” To which netizens responded in favour of Jasmin asking what grudges did Jasmin hold? And why she is the one to take out personal grudges in the last season is teaching her?

Rashami Desai in trending on Twitter and both of their fans are fighting for each other. Both of their fans are busy trolling each other.

While they had been working together before BiggBoss. They mentioned things bitter things written about them are not always true, they are good friends and greet each other whenever they meet and talk nicely. Also, there had been rumours that BigBoss is scripted so we can’t just rely and make opinions on what actually going on between them.

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