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New York Has Now Become The State With The Most Covid-19 Cases, Yet The Treatment Process Is Slow

New York, a state in the United States of America has become the state with the Highest number of COVID-19 cases. According to CNBC, This State has more cases than any country outside the US. This data was gotten From Johns Hopkins University. New York currently has 161,807 confirmed cases Of coronavirus, at least 5,150 deaths. The mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, Said restrictions will not be lifted soon and might still be in place till June. The hospital Staffs work day in, day out and are constantly stressed out. Craig Spencer, who works in the University Medical Center lamented “I’m seeing the physical exhaustion in my colleagues”. Also, adding that there is presence of mental exhaustion In the staffs.When speaking on Friday president Donald Trump said “The biggest decision I’ll ever make”. When asked when he plans to relax the social distancing guidelines.

The deaths concerning the virus in New York may even be undercounted as it is believed more people are even dying of the virus at home without being tested. New Jersey is also being hit hard by the pandemic with about 232 dying of the virus in one day with so many number of patients in the intensive unit and on ventilators. On Tuesday, in New York city, about 4,600 patients were on ventilators making it clear that in order for the number of infections to decrease the citizens have to practice social distancing effectively. Another state in the US with high cases is Connecticut with 7,781 confirmed cases, 277 deaths and 1,308 hospitalized patients. Despite the lockdown and social distancing parks and Forrest in New York are still open.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, on Thursday said that “while the number of deaths in New York is climbing, the rate of new cases and hospitalization is starting to level off”. The death toll of Covid-19 in New York is already 44% of America’s although ⅔ of the patients have been discharged. Also in New York, the virus is taking a bigger toll on men than on women, with men dying twice the rate of women. New York has also confirmed it has enough ventilator for now. The hospital in Brooklyn has complained of the lack of enough staffs to properly handle the pandemic. The government of New York is currently focused on feeding its citizens.

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