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Sources has told India to extend the national lockdown for two more weeks, official announcement to be made soon


Covid-19 breakdown affects the entire world so, national wide lockdown had been made by the government. Though the nation was in lockdown, the number of cases are increased globally. In order to prevent the spread many nations are supporting for further extension. The prime minister of Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh suggest for further lockdown. If the lockdown had been stopped, it will result in increase in attack. The entire world will face the situation which cannot be overcome. so, the prime minister Narendra Modi had planned to extend the lockdown for two more weeks. The official announcement is not yet received. but it will be announced soon.

“Reason for lockdown”

At first china is affected by Covid-19 and many were lost the life because of this pandemic disease. Within a month India has been affected and the cases increased. so, the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi had announced the national wide lockdown for few weeks. If someone is violating the rules their can be arrested under the section 144. But the disease is not reduced. The main motive of the lockdown us to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and make the people to be comfortable. As their is no medicine for Coronavirus, the lockdown had been made.

“Sufferings of the citizen”

Due to lockdown the country is facing financial crises. They provide a flow of vital medical supplies and other goods to over come the global economic slowdown. Many individuals were struggling for the basic requirements of life due to Covid-19, so their asked help to promote the welfare of nation to International Monetary fund and to world health organisation. They also came forward to beat the financial crises. International monetary fund counteract the social, economic and financial impacts of the pandemic, The nation resolve timely and transparent information. These organisation will stand to develop the economical drop-down. There remove the gap between the crises and the world health organisation. Not only their helps India, due pandemic Covid-19 entire world is threaded. So, the government taken the measure to provide the financial support to the nation. The countries with the financial standard will come forward to overcome the problem and support the other nations.

“Larger impact on trade”

Trade was largely affected because of pandemic disease, trade ministries are expected to meet soon to access the impact of pandemic on global trade. Financial services are provided by Global Trade, Transport and Global banking. This three were stopped for three months and can extend, which drop the country financially. To avoid unnecessary inference with Traffic and Trade, It had been stopped. Trade ministries should take a alternatives to develop the nation. As the Trade provide the major economical sources, due to the drop-down of trade nation is affected financially. If the lockdown extents, and Trade is stopped it is difficult to overcome.

This article support the extension of lockdown. Because only by this way the individual can be saved, as their is no medicine and surgery. Though there were lot of financial crises and sufferings, Lives of the people is more important than the crises. The government will provide the financial support to an individual during lockdown. As the citizens, the duty is to follow the rules and regulations of the government. Only way to overcome this pandemic outbreak, everyone should have the precautions of staying home.


If lockdown extents, we should follow the instructions lead by the government. Violating law is inoffensive and it is the act against oneself.

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