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Nupur Sanon praises sister Kriti Sanon for taking efforts, says ‘I know my importance now…

One of the most adorable sister duos amongst celebs is Kriti Sanon And Nupur Sanon’s duo. Both of them are extremely pretty and talented.

On 15th December, Kriti posted a reel on her Instagram to commemorate her sister’s birthday expressing how important her sister is to her. Both of them often post goofy videos and having fun together, loving each other. It’s very evident they support each other and always have their backs.

Nupur, the aspiring singer and actress reposted Kriti’s video captioning “Had to repost because you made this cute effort of making your first reel @kritisanon which we both know is a big deal Krits! Chal I kinda know my importance now 🤣😂💞🤝♾”. Fights regarding “who is the favourite child” are pretty common among siblings, but staying together, sharing all kinds of feelings is what makes them their best friends. Kriti and Nupur’s post made fans melt their heart wishing to have a sister like them. They are exactly what we mean by #SisterGoals.

Here’s the link to Nupur Sanon’s repost-


Kriti’s gesture towards her sister is really sweet. The song she used in her reel “ If you wanna go, baby let’s go. If you wanna rock in really to roll. And if you wanna slow down, we can slow down together.” Those words are so precious. Kriti also mentions Nupur is her “Dear Diary”, also adds she is the only one with whom she shares her sorrow, achievements, frustrations, gossips etc.
Nupur was overwhelmed with her sister’s post and also she wrote that her effort of making a reel for her is a big deal. She also mentioned Kriti’s cute efforts of making her feel better on her special day.

You know I love you beyond words Nupsuu. I pray that the coming year is everything that you have always wished for”, Kriti wishes her sister the very best as she, unfortunately, couldn’t make it to be with her on her birthday.

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