OXFORD and ASTRAZENECA initiates advance human trials of the covid-19 vaccine

The whole world is eagerly awaiting for the vaccine of the pandemic covid-19 virus.

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Many countries are like China, Israel, America, Italy doing trials on making vaccines. while this Oxford and Astrazeneca have started advanced human trials of the covid-19 vaccine.

Oxford University and British pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca plc have started hiring over 10,000 subjects for advanced human studies of coronavirus vaccines.

These trials will be undertaken on children from 5 to 12 yrs of age as well as adults in the age group of 56 and older.

The initial phase of the trials started in April with around 1000 trials. The first trials results where concluded and are being followed up presently.

This is the second phase of trials in which vaccines will be tested on children and older. This trials stage will help researchers to observe how the vaccine generates an immune response in bodies of various age groups.

This will help scientists to know how the vaccine will help in preventing coronavirus infection and its complications.

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All countries across the globe have in hope from oxford university lets see if it becomes successful or not?

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