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Paresh Rawal opted out of Oh My God 2 over pay issues: Reports.

Oh my God was quite a movie that changed the audience’s perspective on the religious system in India. However, with the ending of the movie, there was a small hint that the movie might come back for a sequel. Finally, the sequel is in progress.

Paresh Rawal opted out of  Oh My God 2 over pay issues: Reports.

In the first part, we saw Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar forming a strong comedic duo. Fans were expectant to see this duo on screen. Their chemistry had managed to take the movie to another level. However, there is a sad twist to this story. Paresh Rawal might not be seen in the sequel.

An inside source had informed the reason “Paresh was definitely the first choice for Oh My God! 2, in fact, the makers had even started a conversation with him. However, the actor believed that he deserved money over and above his market value as he was the lead actor in the first part and was a major reason for its success. However, the makers felt that paying more would take the budget haywire.” He also added “Paresh then gave another proposal of entering into a profit-sharing deal, however, even that didn’t work out as there were multiple producers involved in the project. After multiple attempts to be on the same page, the monetary deal didn’t work out and eventually, Paresh decided to part ways as he strongly felt that he deserved more than what he was offered.” 

In place of Paresh Rawal, Pankaj Tripathi will be seen for the sequel. 

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