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PM Modi says ‘India’s situation is much better than many other nations’

During the inaugural of 90th birth anniversary celebrations of Rev. Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, PM Modi addressed the nation and claimed that India’s situation is much better than many other nations.

“COVID-19 is not only a physical sickness that is a threat to the lives of people. It also takes our attention to unhealthy lifestyles”, he said.

He said that earlier in the year, it was claimed by many that the condition of India amid corona outbreak would be severe, however, due to proper measures and lockdown, India is placed at a better place than other nations.

He also said that we shouldn’t let this information make us put lower our guard down. We should also follow careful steps like wearing a mask, practise social distancing, wash hands etc.

The government is also working its best to keep the economy stable and is making decisions at all levels to keep all sectors safe. The government is trying to ensure better infrastructure for the safety and security of the workers.

The number of COVID-19 cases in India has crossed the 5 lakh mark with over 2.5 lakh recoveries and about 15,000 deaths.

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