India had been under lockdown for months due to the coronavirus outbreak. It has been months since we heard of the first case of coronavirus in India. Since then a normal life had come to a pause. From businesses to workplaces, everything got to a full stop. This step was taken by the PM of India -MODI has not only impacted many people financially but also the economy of the country has drastically gone down. India has suffered a huge loss in terms of economy.

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To combat this loss, PM Modi said the country would have to make efforts to ensure that the products that it is forced to import and manufactured in India and eventually, exported to other countries. He said that the coronavirus must become a turning point for the country.

He also added “Our country has gone through multiple challenges. We are fighting coronavirus, but many other crises have emerged. Floods, locusts, a fire in oil fields, earthquakes, and cyclones in two different parts of the country,”
Truly India has suffered through a lot in some months. PM Modi had tried to look at a positive side in every negative thing. He said to look at coronavirus as an opportunity for India to become self-reliant – Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

He also added ” People centric, People driven and planet free development has been a part if our governance.”

He has truly motivated and inspired the citizens with a remarkable speech during this difficult time of lockdown. It is clear from his words that PM Modi is trying to utilise the opportunity of coronavirus in favour of the country. Coronavirus has taught us many lessons and it is because of this pandemic that India has moved its first step towards self-reliance.

PM Modi had come with this strategy to manufacture goods in India rather than importing in order to make India self-reliant which we think is definitely a lesson and opportunity due to coronavirus. In the end, PM Modi wished to stay well in his style- “Bhalo Thakben” and ended the session. Looking forward to self-reliant India -Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

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